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Rakefet can import batches of financial transactions presented as a comma-separated ASCII file. Such files can be created by MS Excel or other programs. Rakefet will first analyze the file and validate that all transactions in it are valid (e.g., it will verify that account, family, and vendor numbers match internal Rakefet numbers, dates are valid, etc.). Obviously, the user is responsible for the correctness of the data! As much as possible, the data is treated exactly as though it had been entered into a family's account file or the GL page.

Import File Description


· Fields must be separated by commas. Optionally, each field may be surrounded by quotation marks.
· Fields must be in specified order. Optional fields may be left out only if they are the last fields in the record; otherwise a field without data must be represented by a comma as placeholder.
· All amounts should be entered as positive numbers (minus signs will be ignored if present). The sign of the amount will be determined by the transaction type.
· Transaction types are standard Rakefet transaction types. Please be sure you understand how these are used before creating an import file!
· Transactions of type P, D, I, or E will use the default cash account associated with the selected Income-Expense account, except for credit card transactions where a default credit card account has been set up in Rakefet.
· Field numbers marked with an * are optional or required only with some transaction types.
· Type I transactions may have a check/cheque number if they are part of a multi-line item. The I transaction may not be the first line. Multi-line items require consecutive lines having the same date, identifier, and check/cheque number.
· Journal entries are not supported.

Field details

No. Field Name Examples Comments
1. Transaction Type P C = Charge
D = Donation
E = Expense
I = Income
O = Other Credit
P = Payment
W = Work credit

2 Date 20180131 YYYYMMDD
3 Account No. 011000
4 Amount 123.45 Do not include
currency symbol.
Zero amounts are
allowed, but field
may not be empty.

5 Units 1 Number of units
for couvert when
needed. For type
P or D only. If
blank, 1 assumed.

6* Identifier 123456 Family or vendor
number. Optional for
I transactions,
Required for all
other types.

7* Check/Cheque no. 123456 For types D or P,
donor's no. For I
or E, your no.
8* Memo
9* Payment type K For P, I, D only.

*CSH -- Cash

*CH -- Check/Cheque

*CRD -- Unspec. credit card
User-defined Payment Types

* Indicates that field is optional


C,20180101,001000,900.00,,435,,2018 Dues


A charge on January 1, 2018 to account number 001000 for $900 to family number 435. The memo field will contain the phrase "2018 Dues". Note the doubled commas marking the locations of the Units and Check/Cheque fields which are not used for charges.

A Payment made on April 1, 2018 for the above charge, made by check no. 12345. The double commas mark the empty Memo field.