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Rakefet for Windows UK & Non UK upgrade: v5.04
Click HERE to download the latest version 5.04 of Rakefet, or contact us at rush@rakefetunlimited.com
*HMRC export reporting changes
*Rakefet for Windows export for Rakefet Online
*If you a non UK user, it is okay for you to download, install and use version v.5.04

UK USER WARNING:: V5.03 & 5.04 pre-upgrade prep:

Before posting 5.03 or 5.04, UK users need to do the following steps before upgrading:

1. In your older version of Rakefet for Windows, run and print out the Gift Aid/Deed of Covenant Report, report #242.

DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP. The upgrade Rakefet v5.03/ v5.04 will split the donor fields as required by HMRC Gift Aid tax reporting guidelines/ Gift Aid Schedule. Therefore, if in your previously version, any typed or edited single or doubled names will be removed from the UK Tax Setup screen on the Family 2 Page and will need to be re-entered correctly as the HMRC requests (Title/ Name/ Surname or Name/Surname).

2. After the upgrade is installed, re-run Gift Aid/Deed of Covenant Report, report #242. Compare the two reports for missing names. Any individuals of a family with missing GA names will need to have their names re-enter or modified. Modifications should be made to the family's UK Tax Setup screen on the Family 2 Page.

3. To request assistance with upgrades or installations, please contact our Rakefet Help Desk in the chat below.

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