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What's NU?

RakefetOnline from Melissa at RUSH on Vimeo.

2020:: January -- Text Messaging in RakefetOnline-Hybrid!
2019:: December - See you at NATA and the URJ Biennial!
2019:: December - Google Calendar Integration in RakefetOnline-Hybrid
2019:: November - Updated Responsive Design with Hyperlinks in RakefetOnline-Hybrid
2019:: Rakefet VPN - Access your office from ANYWHERE!
2019:: RakefetOnline-Hybrid Statement and Donor Receipts access in Member Dashboard
2019:: RakefetOnline-Hybrid
Upgrade Released - New Filtering for Transaction History, Yahrzeits and Member Data
2019:: RakefetOnline-Hybrid Upgrade Released - Secure Statement and Donor Receipt Emails

2019:: RakefetOnline-Hybrid Nexus Data Sync July Upgrade Released
2019:: RakefetOnline-Hybrid Upgrade Released- Office-side Payment Processing Portal
2018:: Happy Chanukah
2018:: Rakefet Cyber Monday November 26th!
2018:: Happy Thanksgiving! RUSH Help Desk will be closed November 22-23, 2018
2018:: Rakefet in Austin Texas for NATA!
2018:: Happy New Year!
2018:: Happy 2018! Signups for RakefetOnline-Hybrid have started!
2018:: Happy Passover!!
2018:: Happy Purim!

2017:: Happy Chanukah!
2017:: Rakefet in Boston at NATA and URJ Biennial

2017:: CYBER MONDAY Support & Service Sales!

2017:: Happy Thanksgiving!
Office Closed 11/23-24

Shana Tova!
  • Holiday Hours
    • Closed September 21-22
    • Closing early September 29 (12pm PT) - Have an easy fast!
2017:: Happy & a Kosher Pesach
  • RUSH Help Desk will be closed:
    • Erev Passover (April 10, 2017)
    • Passover / First two days and the last two days (April 11-12, and April 16-17)

2017:: Happy Purim! Countdown to Pesach!
2017:: Limited Open Beta Rollout
2017:: January / NATA in Nashville - Hope to see some of you there!
2016:: Open Beta Roll outs starting very soon! Please look for sign-up forms in the next RUSH eNEWS.
2016:: Happy Hanukkah & Happy Civil New Year - Help Desk will be closed January 2, 2017
2016:: Help Desk Hours Info for Sukkot:

  • Closed Sukkot, first 2 days
  • Closed Shemini Atzeret
  • Closed Simchat Torah

2016:: Rosh HaShanah / Yom Kippur

* Shana Tova & an easy fast

2016:: September 5th/ Labor Day - Help Desk is Closed

2016:: August: Major website changes to RakefetOnline.
Please checkout our new RakefetOnline site - http://www.rakefetonline.com

2016: July - Happy Fourth of July and closed beta starting backup slowly with updates

2016: April/ Chag Sameach - Happy Passover!

2016: March/ Happy Purim!

2016: January / Happy 2016
Please sign-up for our RUSH eNEWS to learn about all the exciting things happening with Rakefet! Click HERE to be informed!
* Rakefet Unlimited welcomes Jake Cox to our programming team!
* Closed Beta will resume soon - please hold tight for updates!

2015: December/ Happy Hanukkah!
* RUSH Hanukkah Madness Sale December 1-31, 2015

2015: October / Closed Beta changes are in process - please hold tight!
Making all those changes our testers suggested...

2015: September - October/ Happy Sukkot

2015: September / ROSH HASHANAH / YOM KIPPUR
* Shana Tova xx & an easy fast

2015: May - RakefetOnline Closed Beta Testing phases begin

2015: May - RakefetOnline presentation to the MRJ in London
Read more about it HERE.

2015: May - Rakefet Unlimited partners RakefetOnline with Hineynu and PayQuiq.

2015: March - Happy Purim! Please sign-up for our RUSH eNEWS to learn about all the exciting things happening with Rakefet! Click HERE to be informed!

2015.01.01:: Happy 2015
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Get updates on everything Rakefet!
Rakefet Unlimited! RakefetOnline and Rakefet for Windows!

2014.11.27-28:: Rakefet Help Desk will be closed - Happy American Thanksgiving!

2014.11.10:: Rakefet at NATA

2014.09.24:: Shana Tova 5775!

2014.08.01:: RUSH eNEWS starts

2014.06.01:: RUSH Summer NEWS

2014.06.01:: Rakefet Online Alpha Testing

2014.04.14:: Wishing our Rakefet users and their families a Happy Passover!
Our support desk will be closed Erev Passover, the first two days and last two days of Passover.
  • April 14-16, 2014 and April 21-22, 2014.

2014.03.16:: Happy Purim!

2014.01.01:: Happy New Year / Winter newsletter release

2013.12.11-15:: Hope to see you at the URJ Biennial!

2013.11.27:: Happy Hanukkah!

2013.11.18:: UK Upgrade Version 5.03

2013.09.30:: RUSH Fall News!

Check your mailboxes!

2013.09.19:: RUSH will be closed during
September 19-20 and September 26-27

2013.09.04:: Rakefet Unlimited will be closed
September 4-5-6 for Rosh Hashanah

2013.09.01:: Rakefet Unlimited turns ONE!

2013.08.22:: Rakefet Online Coming Soon!
*Beta Testing Team is being established now!

2013.07.01:: Beta Tester Sign-Ups

2013.05.31:: Summer Newsletter

2013. 04.17:: Toll-free number issues resolved

2012.03.11:: Spring Newsletter

2012.02.24:: Happy Purim!

2012.01.24:: Winter Newsletter

2012.12.10:: Happy Hanukkah!

2012.10.15 :: Site Server Maintenance

2012.10.10 :: UK Support Call-In
Our UK number rolls over into to our main line. There was rollover delay which has now been adjusted to 3 seconds.

2012.09.19 :: We are on Facebook! Like us!

2012.09.17 :: Shanah Tovah

This Rosh Hashanah, Rakefet Unlimited celebrates the beginnings of something special, our first year serving the Rakefet community. We look forward to many happy more! Wishing you all a sweet year of joy, good health, and prosperity. Shanah Tovah!

2012.09.01 :: Rakefet Unlimited Support Help

Rakefet for Windows Synagogue Management Software is something special and has been a solid system within the Jewish non-profit realm for a long time. With the demand for something solid, reliable and familiar, we at Rakefet Unlimited as a third party entity will offer Rakefet Unlimited Support Help (RUSH) to existing Rakefet users . We will offer our clients support help with their daily Rakefet needs. Why take chances with other systems on the market that are too expensive, not ready for your daily shul needs, and bring business to a screeching halt? Technology is a wonderful thing for us all, but sometimes we only need a little to function within our means.

Friends and clients, we at RUSH are here for you.

Rakefet Unlimited Support Help
Just a phone call away!
1-855-725-7874 (toll free US/Canada)
+44-122-391-1198 UK

It's NOT over!
Authorized Rakefet* support and sales!
Rakefet is a trademark of Transparent Software, Inc.