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High Holidays

Seating & Billing


Setting up & Assigning Seats

Every summer as we prepare for the new year with membership dues, religious school enrollment and tuition fees, there always seems to be a mad dash over high holiday seating. There is no need to panic! At Rakefet Unlimited, we have you covered!

Below are some basic guidelines in setting up your High Holiday seating in Rakefet for Windows.

Setting up High Holiday Seats:

Go to Setup --> Seating


To begin with, you must first define at least one location (although there may be more).

For example, my Location will be Shul.

To Add Shul, my high holiday Location, I will click on the picture/description All Seats and then click Add.

Then in the New Location windows, I will enter Shul in the field Location name? If all seats in this location have a price that are the same, you can add the Seat cost.

When finished, click OK to save your seat location.
If you need to enter additional locations, repeat this process.

After you create your location(s), you need to set up your sections and then rows.


To create your sections, click on your newly created location and then click Add. For example, I clicked on Shul and then clicked Add to create my new section Men, and then repeated to create my next section Women. If these two sections have the same cost, I can establish this in the cost field. If there is no value or it is different based on the rows, leave the field of cost blank. When you are finished setting up the section, click OK to save and move onto your next step of creating rows with seats.


To create your rows, click on one of your previous sections and click Add. You can choose your row name and how your seats within your row will be organized. They can have a certain count and be organized by Odd, Even or both Odd & Even.

Assigning Seats:

Go to a Family's Database Detail --> Family 2

To assign High Holiday seating, go a family's Family 2 page. On this page you will see the Name of each family member, as well as the seating Location, Section, Row, Seat and Seat Sponsor.

To assign a seat, double click in the Location cell and select your High Holiday location. Then after selecting the Location, follow the cell orders to assign the Section, then Row and then type in the Seat number.

If you need to assign a Guest to a family's Seating, right click within the seating area. On the right click action, you will see a right click menu that allows you to Add Guest.

Once you have finished setting up and assigning your High Holiday Seating, you are ready to asses your families for seats through Make Assessments.

To clear previously assigned seats, please read further in your Rakefet Help.
Go Help --> Search --> Seats / Clearing.

To access our outstanding Rakefet for Windows seating reports.
Go Reports--> Seating

  • Seating by Name
  • Seating by Seat
  • Available Seats
  • Seat Billing Details
  • Seating by Family

High Holiday Seat Based Billing:

Assigning a Seating Price:

The Seat Based Billing function allows you to assign a price to a seat by either the Location, Section or Row. Once a price is assigned to one of these areas, you can globally assess the families their seat prices in Special --> Assessments/ Make Assessments (see below for more details).

To setup a price in Location:
  • Go Setup--> Seating.
  • Then click on the Location and click Edit.
  • When the Edit Location window is up, you can then enter the price (as seen in the picture below).
  • When finished entering the price, click the OK button to save.

If entering a price for a Section or Row, the steps are the same. Just select the which area the price applies to.

Assessing for Seats:
Before you assess for your High Holiday Seating, please make sure that you have made a backup and know where it is at. Also, make sure that you have a High Holiday Income Account created to track the seating revenue.

When ready to globally assess families for their High Holiday Seats go Special --> Assessments --> Make Assessments.

Select your pledge date, the High Holiday Income Account you are assessing from, and under the Source option select Bill for Seats. Then to complete the charges/pledges to the families, click the button Assess & Close.