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Donor Receipts

" Does Rakefet have donor receipts?"

It is a common support question we receive this time of year...Since receipt time is approaching for issuing Donor Receipts to your members and donors, I thought I would answer this question in our eNEWS.

Yes, Rakefet has Donor Receipts, as well as Cash Receipts too!

The Donor Receipt, report 261, was developed to notify your donors of their contributions within a given date range. You can issue the receipt monthly or any date range, however the receipt was designed and developed to meet the US tax authority requirements for a tax year. Therefore, ideally for running the receipt for past calendar year.

The Donor Receipt allows the congregation to notify donors of their financial contributions towards tax deductible items and goods & services. The Donor Receipt gives one receipt number for an entire summarized activity over a date range. You can determine what is tax deductible in the Chart of Accounts (Setup--> Chart of Accounts). Income Accounts can be 100% deductible, Couvert (Cost of Goods) or Not deductible.

The Rakefet Donor Receipt is designed to be a tri-fold receipt (just as your statements for double window envelopes).

Once printed it is easy to fold and mail off to your donors and members.

How to print a Donor Receipt?
  • If you want to receipt donors who gave over $250?
    • Be in the View of Families with Accounts
    • Go Special--> Mass Tagging --> Financial Criteria
    • Tag families with Cash Activity of $250 within the date range of January 1, 2016 - December 31, 2016.
    • Once the families are tagged....
  • Go to Reports --> Receivables --> Donor Receipt 261.
    • For Tagged only, set your date range of January 1, 2016 - December 31, 2016.
  • Click on Preference to review your Receipt Text for your Donor Receipt and click OK.
  • Select to print the Donor Receipt to the printer under "Print Where."
  • Then click Print and you are ready to fold and mail your receipts!
If you have further questions about Donor Receipts, please let us know!