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Cleaning up your data
Data Migration Prep

Before any move it is a good idea to clean house. Cleaning house involves basically organizing what you have. The organizing process will help you decide what to keep and what not to keep. It isn't much different when preparing for data migration because any disorganization in one system will just carry over into the next.

Two main things to look over before any data migration are the following:
1. The organization of your database detail data
2. The organization of your financial data

Database Detail Data:
  • Review that your Family Codes and Individual Codes.
    • Family Codes and Individual Codes are current and make sense. If not, update them so they do make sense and you know why they exists.
  • Review your Families.
    • Delete any inactive families or update their Family Codes.
    • Do you have deceased who should be entered into the Yahrzeit file, yet are still setup like a living member? Put them in the Yahrzeit file and clean up their database, which may mean deleting their database detail.
    • Children who are adults and should have their own database file? Graduate them to adults with their own database detail ( See Help--> Children--> Converting to Adults).
  • Review Yahrzeits.
    • Do you have Yahrzeits without mourners?
    • Do these Yahrzeits without mourners have plaque info? Do you want to continue mourning them as a congregation? If so, create a new database for the congregation to mourn these deceased. Otherwise, you may want to clean these files as well.

Financial Data:
  • Review your Chart of Accounts.
    • Run the Chart of Account report (Reports--> General Ledger--> Chart of Accounts) and look over your organization of your accounts. Are there accounts that need to be made inactive? Are you using some accounts incorrectly?
  • Review your Accounts Receivables.
    • Do you have families owing money for years that will not be collectible? If so, write them off.
  • Review your Accounts Payables.
    • Do you have a ton of outstanding invoices that are really just clutter? If so, delete them.
What and how you pack moves with you. Decide now what you are bringing to the Cloud. Planning is key for making your transition smooth.