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Q:  How do I replenish our petty-cash?

A:  Like a reimbursement check to Cash.

1.     As you spend money in the petty-cash box, you should accumulate receipts of how the money was spent.  Keep ALL those receipts!  


2.     When it is time to replenish the cash box,  which should be monthly, you will write a check out for cash for the value of those receipts to the correct month. 

In Rakefet,  the check’s total value will be made up of several expense lines.  Enter a line for each receipt expense.

3.     If you will use the Payables screen, follow the below steps.  If entering the receipt costs in the General Ledger, see step 4.:

a.     Click on the Payables tab.

b.     Click Add.

c.     Enter the date for the check.

d.     Under the Pay to (vendor), select the vendor, “CASH.”

e.     Select the expense accounts to cover each receipt and/or receipt’s purchase cost.  Click Add Line to add multiple expenses.

f.      The sum of all the expense lines on the Invoice should equal the total sum of the receipts.

g.     When ready, click the Check button and print your single check to Cash.


4.     If using the General Ledger to enter a check made to Cash, follow these steps:

a.     Click on the General Ledger tab.

b.     Click Add.

c.     Enter each receipt as an expense.  In every line enter the same check number in the My Check # box and type Petty-cash in the Memo field.