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  • The Yahrzeit System enables you to associate a Yahrzeit (an anniversary of a person's death) observance with a family database.  A family or an individual within that family database can observe the Yahrzeit.

Gregorian and Jewish Yahrzeits

  • You may choose to have Yahrzeit anniversaries observed by the Jewish or Gregorian death date.
  • You can choose all Yahrzeits to be observed by either calendar, or mix them.
  • You can also setup a system default for all new Yahrzeits entered by setting which to observe.  You can do this in Setup--> General--> Defaults

Entering Yahrzeits

  • Yahrzeits are entered into the system from the family's Yahrzeit Page.
  • The Yahrzeit Page entry consists if the following information:
    • Name  of deceased (First and Last)
    • Hebrew name of deceased
    • Date of death for deceased (Gregorian and Jewish)
    • Relationship of deceased to the mourner
    • Two note fields (that can be used to store information such as plaque location)