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September 2014

Dear Clients and Potential Clients:

My name is Melissa Wolfmann and I have been working for Transparent Software, Inc. supporting your Rakefet technical support needs since July 1, 1999. If you have ever called in for Rakefet technical support, you most likely spoke to me.

As you may know, Rakefet support by Transparent Software, Inc. ended in May of 2014. When Transparent Software announced the change publicly, their office received many concerned calls and emails from Rakefet users all over the world who want to continue using Rakefet.

After reviewing these client concerns with Vic and Lise Rosenthal of Transparent Software, the creators of Rakefet, we came up with a solution. The solution was to have Rakefet technical support offered by a third party that you know and trust. This third party is me operating independently as Rakefet Unlimited offering Rakefet Unlimited Support Help. Rakefet Unlimited Support Help,
aka RUSH, which has been available for you since September 1, 2012. Support contracts and support hours will be slightly different that those formerly with Transparent Software, but very similar in high quality assistance and economically fair.

Since July 2013 Rakefet Unlimited has developed a team that will be bringing all our Rakefet Unlimited clients Rakefet Online, the Rakefet in the Cloud upgrade. Stay tuned to our website for new exciting future solutions.

Please look at the pricing and plan option sections of the website that Rakefet Unlimited Support Help offers and see if it is for you. Let me know if you have any questions.

Happy to provide you the continued support and solutions you deserve,


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