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Rakefet Unlimited
's RakefetOnline is developed in the same business language as Rakefet for Windows. RakefetOnline is built from the ground up just for Rakefet users, containing all the features you know and love in Rakefet for Windows with the flexibility of a Cloud database system.

Rakefet Online
will maintain the integrity that Rakefet for Windows was always known for: easy to use and affordable. RakefetOnline will be treated as an optional upgrade for all supported Rakefet Unlimited clients. Annually will not cost much more than what you are already paying for support with Rakefet for Windows.

RakefetOnline is an online service system.
Rakefet Unlimited established user monthly service is $40 a month.
New Rakefet Unlimited user monthly service is $90 a month for the first year, then $40 a month thereafter.
-Data migration from Rakefet for Windows, no additional cost.
-Data migration from mixed applications will be negotiated.

For more details see Rakefet FAQ
Or visit www.rakefetonline.com

See for yourself

Software Security
  • Several levels of user permissions for Member Database and Accounting
  • User permissions controlled at the Administrator level
  • Easy to setup, easy to control
  • Auditing of all users activities


Membership Dashboards

  • Secure web-portal.
  • Easy for members to navigate, see balances, make payments and donations, see upcoming Yahrzeits, and keep up-to-date with congregation events.
  • Easy for members to communicate with the congregation, register for events and classes.

Office Dashboards
  • Based on user permissions, get a quick view of your members, balances, and more.
  • Easy Jewish calendar access to track events.
  • Easy to manage communication with congregation members.

Office Dashboard RakefetOnline

Member Directory
  • Member Directory with flexible filtering and sorting
  • Easy to use, update and manage

Yahrzeit Manager
  • Click HERE to see a sample of a window based Master Yahrzeit List
  • Master Yahrzeit List Preview HERE
  • Master Yahrzeit List Notes HERE
Vendor & Employee Manager
  • Click HERE to see a windows based Master Vendor and Employee list with Preview window.
Database Detail
  • Database Detail is organized by Family/ Household or Organization/ Vendor yet manageable by Individuals, therefore an individual can belong to more than one family with multiple relationships.
  • Database Detail is clearly designed
    • Member 1
    • Member 2
    • Children
    • Dependents
    • Yahrzeits for Family / Individuals
  • Accounts Receivables manageable by Family/ Household or Organization/ Vendor
  • Events by Family/ Household, Organization/ Vendor or Individuals
  • International Address Verification
  • Notes with Online Storage for each Database Detail
General Ledger / Transaction History
  • Online General Ledger access
  • Create and organize all your financial setup within one centralized location
    • Chart of Accounts
    • Accounts Payables
    • Accounts Receivables
    • Funds and Restricted Funds
    • Budget

Jewish Calendar
  • Designed to resemble Rakefet for Windows.
  • Have the ability to add Yahrzeits within a Family Database Detail and link them to an entire family or specific Individuals of the family and select the Yahrzeit Notice Salutation.
  • Have the ability to add Yahrzeits without mourners.
  • Track Yahrzeit plaques and multiple notes.

The RakefetOnline Dashboard
The cutting edge of online software
is being brought to your shul!

  • Allows you to easily create shul events
    • Create posts with colored fonts and with the ability to integrate graphics and videos
    • Organize and manage events and posts by dates, categories and tags
    • Share your events and posts
  • Keep up on your shul duties, events and shul calendar upon to your personalized dashboard
    • Related to RakefetOnline support tips and updates
    • Your shul community
    • Your favorite reports actively displayed at your fingertips