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Frequently asked questions about Rakefet

Q: Is Rakefet going away?
A: No. Rakefet is not going away. Rakefet Unlimited will maintain and support Rakefet for Windows and is developing RakefetOnline. The company that created Rakefet for Windows retired, however support and growth for Rakefet continues. You can use our latest Cloud platform RakefetOnline-Hybrid with your Rakefet Support & Service for unlimited users at no additional cost.

Q: Does Rakefet for Windows work on Windows 11?
A: Yes, Rakefet for Windows works on Windows 11.

* Rakefet will save your organization time & money!
  • RakefetOnline is written from the ground-up for Rakefet Users.
  • RakefetOnline is created in the same business language as Rakefet for Windows.
  • RakefetOnline uses the same software vocabulary, screens and reporting - just a bit more modern!
  • RakefetOnline is easy to use.
  • Same Rakefet staff training and supporting your office at no extra cost.
  • RakefetOnline is an UPGRADE to Rakefet for Windows.

*Updated March 25, 2022

RakefetOnline - Rakefet in the Cloud!
RakefetOnline-Hybrid - Released!

Rakefet Unlimited's RakefetOnline / RakefetOnline-Hybrid are developed in the same business language as Rakefet for Windows. RakefetOnline / RakefetOnline-Hybrid are built from the ground up just for Rakefet users, containing all the features you know and love in Rakefet for Windows with the flexibility of a Cloud database system.

RakefetOnline will maintain the integrity that Rakefet for Windows was always known for: easy to use and affordable. RakefetOnline will be treated as an optional upgrade for all supported Rakefet Unlimited clients. Annually will not cost much more than what you are already paying for support with Rakefet for Windows.

RakefetOnline -an integrated system that runs your office.
Membership Database*
Lists, Letters, and Labels*
Yahrzeit Notices*
Complete Billing and Receivables*
General Ledger*
Payables/ CheckWriting*
Integrated Jewish Calendar*
School and Fundraising*
Online Credit Card Processing
Event Registration
International Address Verification for Online Donors
Dependent Management
Security & User Auditing
Dashboards & Individual Profiles
Rakefet VPN
SMS / Text Messaging
Integration with Givebutter
Integration with Google Calendar